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Offering Your Clients Working Capital Can Lead to Increased Sales

Offering Your Clients Working Capital Can Lead to Increased Sales

Your clients love your product or service. They know that having access to your products and services helps their business or meets their other needs. Yet, there's a big limitation they face. They just do not have the cash on hand to make those purchases possible.

One of the biggest limitations today's startups and small businesses have is access to funding to expand their inventory or to grow their business. It is not a lack of willingness to expand or the inability to attract enough customers. Rather, when you are bringing in only enough funds to generate a small profit, which most small businesses do, it's quite difficult to have the funds on hand to expand. So, as a supplier or distributor of the products these companies need, what can you do?

Offering Your Customers Capital Means More Sales

What if you could provide your customers with access to the working capital they need? Of course, the first thing you may be thinking is that you don't want to extend credit or, if you already are, you do not want to take on extra expense or risk. Well, you don't have to. Rather, you can provide your customers with connections to MY Company Funding and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. 

Offering working capital to your clients can help them expand their inventory and meet all of their needs, which, in turn, allows your business to excel and grow.

How can your clients and customers take advantage of these short-term loans and business financing opportunities? What are the benefits to you? Here are a few: 

  • It gives companies the ability and the option of expanding what they offer.
  • It gives your company the ability to expand your sales by simply providing working capital to those who need it.
  • It's readily available — there's no high credit score requirement here.
  • It enables smaller companies to purchase the products that are selling, from you, that they otherwise cannot purchase in enough quantity.
  • It allows those companies that want to sell your products the ability to do so even if they cannot pay cash.

A variety of funding options is available, including equipment financing, short-term loans and other solutions to fit most small business needs.

When you can provide your customers with access to an affordable option in working capital, they can turn around and buy more product from you. You know your product can sell quickly in their hands. You may even be confident that your products will help their business to grow.

So don't limit your business' ability to excel and grow itself because your buyers cannot expand inventory or meet all of their needs. Call MY Company Funding today.

We offer short-term working capital for credit scores as low as 500! Simply submit an application and bank statements to us, and we'll get the process started. If you have questions on working capital and business financing, give us a call at 740-917-4960.

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